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We attract thousands of new readers every month, and we feel there’s a real opportunity there for a company like yours to connect.

Our Audience

Arizona Dream In Event readership is a diverse group, but our largest audience segment are 25-44 year-olds, who make up nearly half of our audience.

What are they interested in? Products and services that help them navigate on their journey through adulthood and family life.

For example, during the months of April through September, our users are searching for events and hotels.

We invite you to reach out to us professionals who are planning for a big trip, saving up for that new SUV, or pondering a bid for that quaint cabin by the lake – and need some financial help to achieve their goals!

We offer a suite of advertising options that we’ll tailor to your business’ needs. You can get the conversation rolling with one of our advertising executives by emailing today!

What we offer

Digital Ad Banners

Arizona Dream In Event serves the most performance proven IAB ad banners. We serve leaderboards, right-rail ads, overlays, and more. We reach users mobile or desktop and thanks to our fast CMS and CDNs, we load ads fast.

Here are the ad sizes we serve:

728 x 90

300 x 250

970 x 250

970 x 90

300 x 600

320 x 50

Also, we build custom ads that expand, interact, and engage, so get in touch with one of our account executives to find out more.

Sponsored Content

Bring your brand to life by engaging and educating readers through a Arizona Dream In Event sponsored story. The stories live on the domain and can be placed in one of our main sections.

The Sponsored Content product extends to our social media pages and newsletters. Get sponsored posts in front of over 140,000 of our Facebook followers, as well as being served in our twice-daily newsletters.

Our talented content writing team will help craft your message.

Newsletter Ads

Advertising exclusively in our daily Arizona Dream In Event Newsletters takes your message direct to customers’ email inboxes.

We serve your ads (728×90) in one-week blocks in both the AM and PM drops, to keep your brand top of mind. This is the perfect strategic tool for brands with shorter consumer buying cycles.

You can find out more about advertising with Arizona Dream In Event by directing your inquiries to