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Every month we host a webinar with about intimacy and other sex-related topics. These one hour webinars are filled with wisdom, encouragement, and live Q&A. Anyone may join these live webinars for $10 each, or if you are a premium member, you can participate for free as part of your membership benefits. If you’d like to have free access to these webinars and have access to recordings of past webinars, become a member today, email us now at register@arizonadreaminevent.com!

Pornography: Help for Spouses & Parents
February 2020

Because there IS freedom from sexual addiction!

February 25th, 2020

How to Talk with Your Spouse About Sex
January 2020

Whether it’s good, bad or just not happening, join Juli and Dr. Corey Allan about how to talk with your spouse in a way that leads to deeper intimacy (and okay, maybe more sex).

Does Your Sex Life Have Shades of Gray?
November 2019 Webinar

Why are some Christians okay with sex toys, masturbation, and cohabitation while others believe it’s wrong to kiss before marriage?

The Art of Asking Good Questions
October 2019 Webinar

Whether you’re building intimacy with a spouse, resolving conflict, or ministering to a neighbor, asking good questions takes as much wisdom as giving good answers.

Tough Topics with Truth & Love
August 2019 Webinar

In this webinar Juli talks about how to engage in difficult conversations while standing firm on the truth of Scripture and offering the unconditional love of Jesus to others.

Overcoming Barriers in the Bedroom
April 2019 Webinar

Do you hate sex? Are you too tired, never in the mood, or is sex too painful? Maybe there’s too much tension in your marriage to desire any sexual intimacy. Dr. Juli teaches on overcoming barriers in the bedroom to help you work toward enjoying the gift of sex.


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