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Contributors to Arizona Dream in Event Site

I wish to thank the following individuals for graciously permitting me to post their work on my site:

  • Guy Baldwin, M.S.
  • Sir Bamm! who permitted the posting of the following:
    • Safer Sex
    • Safecall Guide and Outline
    • BDSM vs. Abuse
    • Negotiations
    • Edgeplay
    • Comprehensive Dungeon Monitors Guide (2003)
    • Whips Presentation and Demonstration
  • blossom
  • Mistress Constance, who suggested the inclussion of several poems to the “Poetry by the Masters” section.
  • Harold Cox, who gave permission for me to reprint his The Ten Commandments of Steel Bondage as adapted by slave david stein.
  • craftman, who gave permission for me to reprint his How to Organize a Munch!
  • Don (The Switching Network), author of Contract for Discipline for switchable couples
  • Sir Edward of Dragon’s Lake, who at my request let me post his Response to a Kinky Woman and even wrote new introductory material at my request
  • gem, who suggested 4 poems for the Poetry by the Masters section
  • Grim, who allows free distribution of his Flogging FAQ (under certain conditions.)
  • Lady Green, who co-authored BDSM Tip Sheet for Beginners with Jay Wiseman. She’s also the owner of Greenery Press.
  • Heidi, the author of my experience with play parties
  • Master L.J.E., for letting me post his essay: Multiple Tops: Master, Mistress and Daddy Makes Three
  • Chris M of the Black Rose of Washington DC, the author of Civility and Incivility in the Scene
  • Ms Margo, the author of Three Essays on Finding a Domme
  • Hans Meijer.
  • and more people I haven’t found the time to list yet.