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Enzo Nielsen

He has been writing for us since the beginning. You have probably seen him in one of the BDSM sex clubs that you have been to. An absolute pet owner with a gorgeous voice! 

Ayoub Coles

Our Russian friend. You have no idea of the list of BDSMish things he has done with so many people. So, if he writes an article that you should try it, then you MUST try it! It’

Oliwia Galindo

She is the youngest among our contributors, but that does not mean that she cannot produce juicy content for everyone. In fact, she got the juiciest stories of them all! Here is a little secret, she also writes children’s stories beautifully, and thankfully she has not mixed it up with BDSM stuff. 

Luis Mckenzie

There is one person we trust writing about role play sex. You guessed it right! It’s our man, Luis! His creativity in making sure that you fulfill all your fantasies that you have been keeping in your mind for so long!