What is the difference between these urethral toys?

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Before we can explain different sex toys used in urethral play, we need to take a brief look at the kink itself. Namely, urethral sounding is a medical procedure done by urologists. These doctors use sounds (thin stainless-steel rods) for insertion. The whole point is to inspect the urinary canal and remove anything that might be blocking it.

Yet, this isn’t all. Medical procedures often become sex kinks. Some call urethral play cock stuffing, while others refer to it as sounding. Either way, men enjoy it for its unique sensations and even a bit of pain. Normies usually mistake sounds for penis plugs and other toys, so it might be more difficult to begin your urethral journey if you’re a newbie. Hence, we’ll help you differentiate between them in the following text.

Penis plugs

When it comes to plugs, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first and main difference that separates them from sounds is their shape and length. Penis plugs are shorter, and you can’t reach the same depth as when you’re using a sound. Also, they come with many textures that help provide tingling and scratching sensations.

Plugs are available in various models. This means that you can find all sorts of textures and curves on them to increase your fun. The only downside to penis plugs is their length. Nevertheless, we’d always recommend them over sounds as these toys are more beginner-friendly.

The risk of hurting your penis is pretty small, even if you don’t have any previous experience. You won’t be able to stimulate your bladder and prostate, but that doesn’t take away from other types of fun that you’ll have. Therefore, penis plugs are the best choice if you’re just starting with urethral play.

Urethral sounds

Unlike plugs, urethral sounds are much longer and thinner. As such, they offer more in terms of how deep you can go with urethral play. Sounds are usually straight, but they might have a slight curve at some point on their body. They don’t have texture since they are medical tools, and their initial use was not sexual.

As we’ve said, medical procedures can often become fetishes. Just look at vibrators and how they came to be. Either way, with the use of urethral sounds, you can reach your bladder and even use it for P-spot stimulation. Yup, you can press up against the tissue inside your urethra that will make your prostate respond with an intense orgasm.

Urethral sounds come in several types. You can find Hegar sounds, which have two rounded ends, are somewhat shorter, and have a curvy shape. The second option is to purchase Van Burren sounds. They are high-end fancy medical tools. Among many others, kinksters also use long Pratt sounds that have slightly bent ends.

Sperm stoppers

Another way you can go about urethral play is to use sperm stoppers. What makes them unique is their ability to prevent you from shooting your load. After all, that’s what their name tells you. This toy can cause new and exciting sensations that can even help with premature ejaculation as long as your penis stays hard enough to carry on.

Depending on their type, sperm stoppers can look like regular penis plugs or like a whole other breed of toys. Essentially, they look like small bulbs attached to a thin rod that goes into your urethra. They connect to a ring that goes over the head of your cock. Yet, not every sperm stopper will go the entire length as it depends on your penis’ size.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that you should consult a doctor before you buy one. Some people might find delayed ejaculation great, but it can cause certain problems for your health. Hence, seek out medical advice before you try one. Their small size can fool you into thinking they’re not as intense as they are.

Prince Albert Piercings

Finally, it’s time to talk about urethral royalty — Prince Albert piercing (PA). It’s not uncommon to see guys with penis jewelry these days. One of the most popular types of such piercings is certainly the good ol’ PA. The idea is to insert a barbell through your urethra. But no worries — it’s not as nasty as it sounds.

The Prince Albert piercing comes in three different types. The first one is the reverse PA, which finds its way through the urethra and out the shaft. It sits behind the head of your cock instead of underneath it. The other one is the deep shaft reverse PA. It comes out much further from the glans of your penis. Finally, you have the classic one that goes out underneath the penis’ head.

But why would you do this to your lovely penis? Well, it can make sex much better if you think about it. The thing is, during penile stimulation, the piercing will add sensations to your overall experience by wobbling around. The same goes for while you masturbate or have oral sex. It works the same for your lover’s benefit. You just need to find a licensed piercing parlor, and you’ll be set in no time.

Stainless vs. Silicone

No matter what type of urethral toy you choose, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the materials used for making it. There are all kinds of materials these days, but the only two that really make sense are silicone and stainless surgical steel. They’re easy to clean after you’re done, and you can sterilize them with little to no fuss before use. Nevertheless, having a safe and correct toy for your penis will have its unique qualities. Sometimes, disadvantages.

Stainless steel urethral toys

  • They’re easy to slide in due to their weight;
  • The downside is that you’ll need lots and lots of water-based lube.

Silicone urethral toys

  • What makes silicone urethral toys great is the fact that you can bend them as much as you want to, unlike steel;
  • They can also stretch out, allowing for more intense sensations;
  • On the flip side, silicone sounds and plugs are hard to insert if you’re new to this kink due to their lightness and flexibility.