Sex Swing vs. Sex Sling

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What is sex furniture good for? Who uses it? 

Buckle up because we’re going to uncover the differences between sex swings and sex slings. They might look and sound similar, but don’t confuse them. One of them will allow you to experiment with new sex positions, while the other will help you explore your kinks. 

Look within yourself and find what it is that you’re looking for. Is it more comfort during sex play or something that will satisfy your freaky side? 

Don’t know what we mean? Come find out. 

What Are Sex Swings?

Let’s start with the very basics. What is a sex swing in the first place? 

A sex swing is a type of sex furniture. Yes, you can maybe swing in it, but not in the way you might imagine. This type of swing has several elements to it — a sex harness that supports your body, a seat, and some straps. Don’t worry; it’s not that overwhelming. We’ll take things slowly as you always should too. 

There are different ways to set this baby up. You can mount it on pretty much anything that can hold it — your ceiling, walls, or even your doors. Just make sure they’re sturdy enough. After all, we don’t want you to fall off and hurt yourself. 

Now, sex swings can have their own stands too! These are pretty useful in cases where you don’t really want to drill a hole in your walls, ceilings, or your doors. Though, door-mounted sex swings don’t need drilling. At least not the kind you’ll be performing on your partner! They have ends that look like door stoppers, so when you toss them over your door, they will stay put when the door closes. 

So behind closed doors, this sex furniture can swing you right to a mind-blowing orgasm.

What Are Sex Slings?

You might want to sit tight for this one. Some people don’t differentiate sex swings and sex slings at all. Some say the latter is just a sub-type of the former. So what exactly is a sex sling? 

Sex slings can be two things. Or, better said, there are two types of them. One type you can find is a straightforward harness — it goes around your neck, and there are straps for your legs. That’s it — no need for setting anything up, drilling, or hanging anything; it’s just a simple, ready-to-aid-you sex harness. 

However, there are more intricate designs. For example, a type of sex sling that looks like a hammock. Again, this one too has straps for your legs. So how easy is it to set up? Well, a bit more complicated than the sex swing, we’d say. After all, you don’t have as many mounting options.

For such a sex sling, you’ll need four mounting points. That means you can either hang it from the ceiling or a sex sling stand. Overall, it requires a lot of room and might not be as versatile, but it will do its job right!

Pros/Cons of Each

Now that we know how this sex furniture operates, let’s see what its good for! 

Let’s start with the sex swing first. 

Sex Swings

A great advantage of sex swings is that it is a highly versatile type of sex furniture. It’s excellent for trying out a lot of new positions. Why? Maneuvering is so much easier when you’re practically weightless. Sex swings are excellent for spicing up your sex life, like any toy or furniture. But what about having sex mid-air? That’s something this device can provide!

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to them too. However you decide to mount them, they can take up a lot of space. And if you need to hide them, that won’t be so easy. All in all, they are not suitable for small spaces. So if you live in one, maybe opt for something that’s not as massive. 

Now, let’s move onto sex slings. 

Sex Slings

As we now know, there are two types. The one that has a simpler design is easier to figure out. It’s excellent for trying out some complicated or physically demanding positions. It’s also fantastic if you plan on staying in one position for a long time. These sex slings are highly popular within the BDSM community since they don’t take up much space and are easier to hide.  Using a sex sling allows you to enjoy enjoy exciting stimulation.

The hammock-style one is good for supporting you completely. It too is suitable for some BDSM play, but, unfortunately, these have their downsides as well. 

No matter what type of sex sling you’re looking at, they have one thing in common. There are only so many positions you can do with them. In a nutshell, they’re not as versatile as sex swings. Although you can spice things up with the simpler-design one by using a rope, the hammock-style one takes up a lot of space. 

All in all, whatever you decide to go for, pick according to your needs and how much space you have.


Comparing these two was an easy enough task. But what about choosing?

It all comes down to you — what you want to achieve and how much room you have should be the deciding factors. Sex swings and sex slings definitely aren’t for the faint of heart. However, they can be beginner-friendly, and all you need to use them is some imagination. 

Whatever you decide to go for, you’ll achieve one thing for sure — you’ll enrich your sex life. After all, being able to try new things will always spice things up. So swing (or sling) away into a better sex life!