Sex Swings vs Sex Slings

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There is a common misconception that sex swings & slings are the same. Well, they are NOT. It’s true that both of them allow you to enjoy various sexual positions in a cool suspended gravity-defying position- but no, they aren’t alike. In one sentence, sex sling is a simple device while a swing is more of a complicated one. The post below offers a brief that will help you to understand the differences between the two.

Let’s start with sex swing

Understanding sex swing

A sex swing can be defined as a swing meant for adult games. The swing features a seat, a harness and straps for supporting your legs and thighs. There are two options to choose from- single hook & dual hook. You can mount these swings on ceiling, walls, door and so on. Then, there are some sex swings that come with a stand. These are great when you don’t want to drill a hole into ceiling or wall or door. Sex swings allow you to enjoy a versatile range of cool sex positions- ranging from oral play, anal sex, vaginal sex, 69, BDSM and many more. Spinning is another great advantage of sex swings which enables the couple to relish an exciting 360-degree stimulation. However, to enjoy spinning, you have to get a single hook sex swing.

Pros of sex swings

  • Sex swings offer solid support for whole body weight. Some of them even come up with additional straps for the thigh.
  • Sex swings are more comfortable than sex slings
  • As sex swings offer great support for body weight, these are much safer than slings
  • Allows you to enjoy exciting stimulation and sex in suspended gravity-defying positions that makes things more comfortable
  • A larger range of sexual positions can be tried on a sex swing

Cons of sex swing

  • Swings with hooks would need you to drill holes in the house which may not be viable always if you are staying in a rented apartment
  • Swings with stands consume good lot of space which can create a problem if you are staying in a space-constricted small apartment
  • Costlier than sex slings
  • More complicated to hide compared to sex slings

Understanding Sex Sling

A sex sling, as mentioned previously, embodies more of a simple design and structure. It comes with a harness which goes behind neck and the sling also carries straps for your legs. As the sling wraps around the body, it enables the user to pull back or support her legs during a sex or similar action. However, unlike sex swings, slings can’t offer support for the whole body weight. Slings too enable you to experiment with new sex positions. The straps are adjustable so that a user can modify the length as per their specific preferences and body type. But since it does not offer support for full body, slings are not exactly suitable for full-bodied couples.

However, it’s to note here a sex sling consumes  comparatively lesser space than sex swings.

Pros of sex slings

  • Simple device and does not demand much of installation woes
  • Great for BDSM and various other physically demanding sexual positions
  • Good option if you are planning to continue a particular position for longer time
  • Less expensive compared to sex swing
  • Does not take much space
  • Easier to hide than sex swings

Cons of sex slings

  • Does not offer support for the entire body and hence less comfortable than sex swings
  • Although sex slings enables one to try out multiple positions but the option is limited compared to sex swings

If you want maximum support and wish to experiment with numerous positions, sex swings are the best bit for you. But if you have space issues in your place, go for sex sling.