Controversial View of the Church On Male Chastity Uncovered

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Keep control over your partner wherever he is with the chastity devices for men. Cages of chastity or camisoles put themselves at the service of your domination for a total and permanent control. In comfort or in pain, it offers more or less flexible materials and open or not devices for you to find the object that corresponds to your level of dominance. He goes on the move and you want to make sure of his fidelity? These devices sometimes equipped with padlocks which you will be able to keep the key will be allies of your surveillance. Impose submission in a SM spirit.

The chastity cage or the means to prove your worth and your loyalty

The accessory for man called chastity cage is one of the most exciting and yet the one that prevents them from being excited. It is this paradoxical side that makes all its interest and its wealth.

Male chastity, especially among gays is the way to express true loyalty and submission to his dominant partner. Regardless if you stay in chastity while away with your partner, or you want to practice pleasure restriction, cock cages would always be the best accessory for you. In fact, those who have been using chastity cages have sworn to the roller coaster of fun that it gives them.

A chastity cage for Fun and Submission

Chastity cages are varied in sizes, designs, and features. There is a fairly diverse range in gay sex shops and that’s why you can choose one that suits your taste, so you can fully enjoy the sensation that it provides. Most cages have small sizes and do not take into account the morphology of each of the guys. This is not the goal anyway. The primary goal of the chastity cage for men is to prevent bending and therefore no matter how your penis is placed inside, it still prevents you from having full erection and reaching orgasm.

The usefulness of the chastity belt

As we have just seen, the cage for chastity has a use which consists of submitting to a partner in a total way. But there is also another advantage of using a male chastity belt. Here are the other two of the benefits of wearing a male chastity belt.

To be totally submissive

The use of a chastity cage is often imposed by the the dom. It is the pleasure of making someone become obedient, while the one wearing it takes pleasure from being restricted to reach orgasm. Freeing yourself from touching your penis is an important point of submission and the limitation of excitement through the penis is a pledge of respect and loyalty to the Master partner.

To enjoy without the stimulation of sex

Wearing a chastity cage during a penetration is an act that creates incredible sensations. Excitement and especially enjoyment are produced only by the sexual act and not by the stimulation of sex. No way to masturbate during the report. This shows that you are fully at the service of your partner, and that you totally give yourself.

The different chastity cages for men

Several models of cages exist on the sex shop homo, adapted to the needs and desires of each one.

Chastity cage made of metal: First there are metal chastity cages that are perfect for hot moments. Sex is trapped inside and you no longer have access to it. Most cages have openings, but some are fully closed, which creates even more sense of being submissive.  Sex toy shops even offer a wide variety of metal cages.

Plastic cage: The plastic chastity cage is a SM accessory that is specially designed for beginner dudes with cages. Indeed, they are often not expensive and allow starting the submission without breaking the bank. The quality is bone and they can feel the feelings of submission.

The cage for chastity man silicone: This type of cage is acclaimed by some men for its quality and practicality. Indeed, the silicone cage is rather flexible and allows a simple positioning on the sex. The material itself is gentle and allows the partner to have comfort while being effective on the excitement.

For those who do not know, we will put some links, but know that it is a device, plastic, metal, or silicone, which allows enclosing a penis to prevent erection. The available devices are more or less effective, binding, small, comfortable, secure, and locked. We will often have the opportunity to talk about it again, it is an exciting subject. But the goal is to be able to prevent your husband or companion from bandaging and / or enjoying, to put it simply, until you decide to give it to him. Chastity cages are locked, and apart from the possibility that it is sometimes necessary to have a spare key, you must in principle be the only one to hold this key.

His sexuality is in your power. The results are very varied, and above all depend on the phase in which you are. Among the 6 members of our group, I believe we are 4 to lock up our husband’s sex very often, and sometimes for a long time. Outside of the early phase, when it’s a game, and this device is only a way of delaying increased enjoyment, the result is a strong excitement from your husband, and an acceptance, of the fact that it’s a game

When you move on to later phases, or your husband understands that it is no longer a game, but a powerful tool in your hands to put it under your exclusive control, the result is almost every time a submission from your husband who understands that the fact of not being able to expel his seed when he wants, with you or alone, creates disorders that he cannot control properly anymore. It depends on you to be able to “relieve” and also get a moment of sexual pleasure.

All this is slow to put in place, technically as well as in terms of the relationship, but all the many times that we have observed it, whether after 2 months or 2 years following the couples, the result is the same: the man ends up submitting gradually, and accepting many other things out of dependence, and the woman, even if she was reluctant at first, ends up not being able to do without holding the key and finding everything it is normal for her husband to be under his control. In general, and because of the woman, going back is almost impossible.

There is a stigma around the concept of BDSM, especially in religious circles. It seems impossible for a person of faith to be a BDSM enthusiast at the same time. Yet, many people wonder whether their sexual preferences coincide with their faith.

The introduction of male chastity has complicated the situation even further. If you are a religious man who enjoys having his penis locked in a cage, read on. In the following lines, we will reveal the view of the church on male chastity.

Is the Church Against Cock Cages?

Instead of worrying about what society may think of your affinities, you should focus on your issue. Although Christianity is two millennia old, people still let its stance on sex confuse them because they regard the very subject of sex as taboo.

The Bible is rather straightforward when it comes to sex. According to it, sex is only sinful out of wedlock, because its primary purpose is procreation. 

Nevertheless, that does not give a clear answer to the question of whether the church opposes male chastity. By male chastity, we mean the BDSM kink involving the use of cock cages, chastity belts, and similar devices. 

In short, the Bible does not mention this concept. So, what does that mean? Is BDSM against Christianity? Although it may seem complicated, the answer is relatively simple. Namely, you should perceive BDSM the same way you perceive sex.