The Secret of Male Chastity Devices That No One is Talking About

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Those men in a relationship give control of their penis, orgasm and arousal to their partner is a development of the BDSM. When chastising the penis of the (submissive) man in a penis cage or chastity belt is completed. The partner receives the key and thus he becomes the mistress of his lust. The partner is all the more spoiled so how does she put on cock cage?

The reasons for the chastity for the man

Many men are submissive and want to submit to their partner. The chastity comes about when the mistress orders her husband. The submissive man obeys his mistress of course and renounces sex and orgasms as long as she wants it. Men who live chaste do not get into the situation that they satisfy themselves. For many men, this can lead to a guilty conscience because they had fun without their partner. The chastity can prevent that.

Similarly, a man with a life without sex is not distracted by sexual desires. He can concentrate on more important things. When chastity ends, sex becomes even more intense and better for the man . The man can enjoy it much better.

What women like in men in chastity

But why do women want their husbands to live chaste? Many women alone have the power to decide on their partner and their best piece. In addition, the woman can be sure that he can neither masturbate nor cheat. In addition, many men are to be more sensitive, romantic and creative through the chastity. They go out of their way, wanting to seduce their wife and adore her directly so she can save her from life without sex. Finally, they want a reward for their exemplary behavior.

On the one hand, the man becomes more attentive and better; on the other hand, he reacts to small signs much stronger than before. This may be a hand on an arm or thigh or permission to kiss the mistress. For women, the sex can be much better by chastising the man. After all, it happens only then and exactly how she wants it. The man is also particularly hard; he wants to repeat the love game finally. And in order to make it that far, he will do everything – even things that should actually be done by the woman. So she can sit back and relax as he does the household, always hoping for a reward.

Exactly this game with power and powerlessness is the chastity of the man. He should never know when his mistress will allow him arousal or even sex and orgasm. He must always make an effort to win the goodwill of the mistress. She is the one who guides who determines the timing, location and length of the man’s arousal because if she withdraws or gives a clear signal to stop, then the erotic game will not continue. The man’s life goes completely into the hands of his mistress, who holds the key to the penis cage. The ideal mistress should have a variety of cock cages from LTC to show her dominance over her sub.

The benefits of male chastity for the woman

Benefits that the woman as the Key Lord can enjoy in a nutshell:

  • His thoughts are fixed on you.
  • He loses interest in other women.
  • He cannot cheat anymore. Although men are programmed to run after sexy women, he will not. His loyalty is guaranteed.
  • He can no longer watch porn and other misogynist media.
  • Gents jokes, macho erotica or other harassment he will refrain.
  • He cannot masturbate anymore.
  • He is forced to think little about sex and more about your relationship and your satisfaction.
  • He will use his energy more meaningfully and lovingly.
  • You decide when there is sex and when not.
  • The chaste man learns to control his erection better and to avoid an early ejaculation during sex.
  • His sexual experiences and orgasms with you become much more intense for him. His penis becomes much more sensitive.
  • You do not have to spoil him orally anymore, if you do not want it. He will be grateful if he is allowed to have sex at all.
  • He can live out his submissive disposition for you and will thank you with many benefits.
  • He will do everything for you – you are the Key Lord. On his own initiative, he will take care of the household and your well-being much more than before. His body will command him to pamper you, because only then can he fulfill his own physical needs.

According to your fantasies and wishes, you can expand the chastity to a mistress-slave relationship.