The Undeniable Truth on How Chastity and Piercing Make Sex Life More Fun

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Blue Balls: Sperm Congestion

Honestly, for me that was always complete nonsense. Such a typical nonsense are told by inexperienced and insecure young women to make their guy friends have intercourse with them and end this alleged suffering from blue balls. I have been wronged, because when asked I asked a specialist, blue balls are real, and might cause some problems if not taken seriously.

How sperm congestion arises

Sperm cells are transported via tubules from the testes, then down to the epididymis where they are stored. If sperm cells are not released for a long time, that can give you a feeling of tension down there. More men should be aware of this condition, so they may take actions as needed.

This can happen in the worst case

A slight feeling of pressure in the testes is just one of the possible symptoms. It can also burn or swell, and a seminal congestion can develop an epididymitis, which is not a joke. The testicles can swell up to the size of a mango and could take a long time to heal properly. It is therefore not necessary to wait too long to go to the urologist male doctor because this really needs medical attention, so as not to endanger a man’s health.

How fast can sperm congestion occur?

How fast the pressure in the epididymis increases varies per individual, but one could actually feel a slight pressure after a few days without orgasm. It’s like the body adjusts to what it’s used to. When there is usually a lot of running involved, there is a risk that the pressure could raise quite quickly, especially if you suddenly stop running. However, those who have been practicing celibacy for years, this may not be an issue since their body has already gotten used to it.

One still has to know, according to the expert, that much is absorbed by the body. So the body also naturally breaks down sperm that are not needed. For most men, the whole thing is regulated automatically. A similar congestion can also develop in the prostate and seminal vesicles with the use of chastity and piercing. In these glands, most of the ejaculate is formed.

Who is particularly at risk?

There are really no specific age group or category that are prone to sperm congestion. It varies per person, but doctors advice to keep a healthy diet, exercise, and some even advice regular masturbation if you do not have a sexual partner.

What helps against sperm congestion?

The solution is obvious, which helps to prevent sperm congestion: regular ejaculation. It is not only great against the feeling of sexual tension, but is also effective in flushing out bacteria that may live off the urethral wall that may increase the risk of inflammation. You do not necessarily need a girlfriend for that. Every man can help himself.

Though constant access to self-help may not be appropriate especially if you are in a relationship, worst if you are away with them.

And if you are into male chastity and cock cages, you can see on the full guide on how you can measure the correct cock cage size for you to avoid any complications.

Congestion or tumor: How it can be recognized

A further possible reason for testicular problems can actually escalate into a tumor. The risk group for this is young men between 20 and 40 years. It’s really important that men examine their testicles about once a month. Anyone who does this regularly will notice changes such as swelling or induration as early as possible and can have the causes clarified immediately.

However, those who notice a feeling of pressure in the testicles do not necessarily have to fear that it’s cancer because a tumor is noticeable differently than sperm congestion. In sperm congestion, the pain is usually bilateral. While a tumor can also cause swelling, it is usually only one-sided and you would feel a little bump when examined. Anyone who sees changes in themselves should not postpone the visit to the doctor for clarification. In a testicular tumor, early detection is important! Also quite harmless are so-called hydrozelen, water accumulation in the scrotum.

Why self-initiative is important for cancer screening

Some medication provided for its prevention is available over the counter but are only available for men aged 45 and above. A consultation with your family doctor is required, as it can go undetected for such a long time. Regular self-examination is a good way for early detection. For the sake of early detection, there is no harm in seeking for medical examination rather than regret it afterwards.

Body piercings are fantastic. People have been decorating their bodies for ages. Whether we talk about jewelry, tattoos, piercings, or any other type of decoration, there is no doubt that it can look rather attractive. But how will it make your sex life more exciting?

Do Couples Who Practice Male Chastity Have a Happier Relationship?

Have you ever wondered what happens with people who use a different, unorthodox type of jewelry? Yes, we are talking about chastity devices. If you eliminate sexual pleasures from a relationship, can the couple be truly happy? The answer is yes. To successfully enjoy a BDSM relationship, you will need an enormous amount of trust, and many other vanilla couples lack that. To surrender yourself and hand over full control of your pleasure, your genitals, and everything else can be liberating. 

You will get a chance to enjoy the person for who they are, and if you really trust them, you should consider yourself a happy person. Love and trust are two of the most important parts of any relationship. Also, they are essential in BDSM. So, couples who enjoy using chastity devices can indeed be happy, and this is why men wear cock cages for their partners.

Does Chastity Before Marriage Make Sex Better During Marriage?

Not necessarily. It mainly depends on the couple. Saving yourself for marriage can be a great thing, but it only works if you find the person that’s perfect for you. So, if you are one of the lucky ones who managed to find their soulmate, you might cherish the fact that you waited all those years just for them. Even a sloppy, not-so-special sex can be incredible when you add love to the equation and make it unforgettable. 

Of course, that is not always the case, and if you don’t feel like waiting, then you should not do it. But for those with a chaste mindset, there is a chance that you will enjoy everything when the time is right. Some couples also enjoy chastity in marriage. Sexless relationships are not rare, and for some, sex doesn’t have to be a factor to enjoy spending their lives together. 

Does Wearing a Cock Cage Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Not many males are willing to admit that they enjoy wearing a cock cage. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to prove the chances of getting erectile dysfunction from wearing a chastity device.

Needless to say, that applies only to cock cages that are the right size. If you get something that’s too small, you will undoubtedly damage the tissue. Furthermore, wearing a chastity cage can be problematic during the night, especially if you are not used to it. You should focus on finding a device that’s perfect for your size, and ensure that it doesn’t damage the tissue or stop circulation. If you do that, you and your partner are up for a lot of fun and pleasure.