The Undeniable Truth on How Chastity and Piercing Make Sex Life More Fun

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Big eggs in men – is it really that? Yes! How much men really suffer from semen and why thick eggs can even be a serious threat to a man’s health!

Big eggs: The suffering of the seed jam

Big balls of too little sex!? Honestly. For me that was always complete nonsense. Such a typical nonsense told to inexperienced and insecure young women to make them release their friend by intercourse with this alleged suffering. Now I have been wronged. Because when asked by a specialist, I learn that there is really something in it. “Big eggs” can even cause problems in extreme cases. Why this is and what helps in an emergency, learn here.

How seed congestion arises

The anatomical background is, “that seeds are transported via tubules from the testes to the epididymis and stored there. And if there is no emptying for a longer time that can give you a feeling of pressure. Because you have to take the affected men so something in protection, because apparently can really hurt.

This can happen in the worst case

A slight feeling of pressure in the testes is just one of the possible symptoms. It can also burn or swell. And a seminal congestion can develop an epididymitis. And with an epididymitis is not to joke. The testicles can swell up to the size of a mango and take a long time to heal properly. That hurts at the thought of it. It is therefore not necessary to wait too long to go to the urologist male doctor because here it really needs technical help, so as not to endanger men’s health.

How fast a seed jam can develop

How fast the pressure in the epididymis increases is very individual but one could already get such a pressure feeling after a few days. It’s like the body adjusts to what it’s used to. When there is usually a lot of running, there is a risk that the pressure will raise quite quickly if the run is suddenly reduced. Those who live in celibacy do not have that problem so quickly.

One still has to know, according to the expert, that much is absorbed by the body. So the body also naturally breaks down sperm that are not needed. For most men, the whole thing is regulated automatically. A similar congestion can also develop in the prostate and seminal vesicles with the use of chastity and piercing. In these glands, most of the ejaculate is formed.

Who is particularly at risk?

Who is it especially easy to meet? This is individually very different. Some men tend to. But in the end, it’s also luck, destiny and a question of the bacteria that may be joining. And the immune system also plays with whether the system is vulnerable here.

What helps against seed congestion?

The solution is obvious, which helps to prevent and prevent seeding: Regular emptying. Not only against the feeling of pressure, but also to rinse the corridors again and again, where otherwise sometimes cell debris and bacteria are too long and increase the risk of inflammation. You do not necessarily need a girlfriend for that. Every man can help himself.

For urologists, this self-help is an issue just like any other. And so it may also be “despite relationship” for any man who comes under pressure. An infidelity, if the loved one is not available, is therefore not necessary.

And if you are into male chastity and cock cages, you can see on the full guide on how you can measure the correct cock cage size for you to avoid any complications.

Congestion or tumor: How it can be recognized

A further possible reason for testicular problems cans actually a tumor to be. The risk group for this is young men between 20 and 40 years. It’s really important that men feel their testicles about once a month. Anyone who does this regularly will notice changes such as swelling or indurations as early as possible and can have the causes clarified immediately.

However, those who notice a feeling of pressure in the testicles do not necessarily have to fear a cancer because a tumor is noticeable differently than seed congestion. In seed congestion, the pain is usually bilateral. And a tumor can also cause a swelling. But he is usually only one-sided to feel and feels hard and bumpy. Anyone who sees changes in themselves should not postpone the visit to the doctor for clarification. In a testicular tumor, early detection is important! Also quite harmless are so-called hydrozelen, water accumulation in the scrotum. The skilled person can easily distinguish these diseases.

Why self-initiative is important for cancer screening

The routinely provided for prevention with the urologist is taken over by the cash registers only from the age of 45 years. The check-up at the family doctor from 35 does not include the urological examination automatically. Until then, much can go undetected if you do not pay attention to men’s health on a regular basis. Therefore, the request of the specialist: show regular initiative and lend a hand for palpating the testicles. To clarify possible changes, boys and men of all ages can come to the urologist or anthologist. Once too often, rather than too little!