A Guide to Female Dominance

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Hello, mistress. Will you please allow us to guide you through becoming a great dominant?

This is the kind of language you should expect from any sub. However, language and manners aren’t the only things to mind. Becoming a dom is easy. First, you need to ask yourself if this is really who you are. Tap into your inner dom and see what excites you. Once you’re in tune with yourself, you can move on.

There are certain steps you should take before becoming a mistress. It’s easy, but it involves a little more than just buying a whip and using it. You have to learn about the dom nurturing side as well.

Femdom isn’t abuse. That’s why you need to take good care of your sub to ensure he remains a good boy.

What Is Femdom?

Let’s start by saying that male doms aren’t the default of dom/sub relationships. Female domination is slightly less popular. However, we believe more people should try it because it’s extremely fun.

Femdom is short for female dominance. People use this word to describe a role a dominant female partner plays in BDSM relationships. Know how to be sexually dominant.

When people think of femdom, they think of extremes, such as women being aggressive towards men, which is not something they are accustomed to. However, that’s not what it’s all about. It simply means that a woman takes charge.

Femdom Is Not Abuse

It’s easy to think judgingly of extremes within the BDSM world. For those outside of this world, it can look a lot like sheer violence and abuse. Femdom is no exception to this prejudice. However, women taking charge in the bedroom isn’t equal to abuse.

Everything that happens in BDSM, including femdom, has to be consensual. No consent is a deal-breaker. Also, anyone can revoke it at any time. That’s why safe words exist. Sometimes, things just get a bit too much at the moment, and that’s okay.

Mistresses (which is another name for female doms) care about their subs dearly. They know the importance of after-care as well. Everything has its limits and boundaries. Dominant partners should never cross them.

For example, let’s say face slapping is something a sub wants. The point isn’t to hurt them so much that their cheek bruises. Some pain is good because that’s what excites them, but there’s a line that a mistress won’t cross.

Who Benefits From Femdom?

Many people believe that this question has a pretty straightforward answer. It’s not only the woman that benefits from femdom. However, we understand why you may think so. She’s the one in charge after all, so how could anyone else but her possibly benefit from this entire situation? Let’s just think for a second.

Some men love the idea of being sexually dominated by women. It excites them, sends shivers down their spine, and makes them orgasm. They love to serve their mistresses, and some are so good at it that they don’t need any training. So wouldn’t it be logical to say that those men benefit from femdom too? Of course, it would.

Let’s give you an example, so you can understand better. If your partner’s favorite sex position is doggy, who benefits when you do it? Both of you! Sure, they might be having extra fun, but aren’t you as well? It’s a two-way street.

Femdom doesn’t mean that you cannot switch roles. Sometimes, your mistress will want you to dominate her as well. You should always do what she asks, shouldn’t you? That’s how you can see things from her point of view too.

Femdom Ideas

Now, we’ve come to the fun part. We’ve compiled a list of some of the ideas you can use to dominate your man. So let’s get straight to them.

  • Femdom pegging— This is a great way to strip your man off his power. Pegging, or anything involving butt play, can be quite humiliating for many men. They’re used to all the power, but now the tables are turning.
  • Orgasm control — There’s nothing that says “power” like being in control of your sub’s orgasm. It’s not up to them to decide when the game is over.
  • Bondage— You don’t need to get fancy here. A simple rope or handcuffs will do the trick. You can also try a ball-gag, blindfolds, or nipple clamps.
  • Role-play— This is a great idea if you want to switch things up a little. If it’s not clear who’s in charge yet, play a powerful role and put your sub in their place.
  • Cock and ball bondage— You can start with a simple cock ring, then level up to a cock cage.
  • Humiliation— Not everyone is into this, but it is a common theme in femdom plays. Let them know just how much of a failure at sex they are.

Last, but definitely not least, we want to talk about gentle femdom. Think of it as domination, except there’s no pain, humiliation, or punishment. It’s basically the same as taking charge during vanilla sex. It can still have elements of BDSM, but it’s more focused on loving and nurturing your partner.

You can also start with this type of play if you’re a beginner domme. It’s something that can help you relax and connect with your inner dominant side.


Being a female dominant isn’t a difficult task at all. Well, it might be if you’re shy at first. Releasing your inner dom is easy with someone you trust — someone who will encourage you to do so. There’s no pressure to immediately plunge into it in full gear. You can practice just giving out commands for starters, or taking charge of positions and being on top more.

There are countless things you can try. You just have to figure out which ones are for you, and what kind of dom you are truly.

Take things slowly. You don’t have to have several different subs. One is enough. You can if you want to of course. Don’t be afraid to switch roles as well. Being submissive from time to time doesn’t make you any less of a dom goddess that you are.