Explore Edging Techniques to Help With Premature Ejaculation

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When it comes to sexual issues, premature ejaculation is among the most common and the most harmful conditions if it’s not handled properly. Premature ejaculation can come with a lot of baggage, including self-doubt and sexual inactivity. But what is premature ejaculation, and how common is it among men? What are the best techniques to treat it, and how does edging help with premature ejaculation? Let’s get into it!

What Is Premature Ejaculation? 

Firstly, premature ejaculation is a serious condition that affects a lot of men. It’s actually more common than you may think. It can occur to nearly a third of all men at some stage in their lives. That makes it the most common sexual issue for guys. However, infrequent premature ejaculation is not a medical problem. Men who have frequent premature ejaculation are usually diagnosed with it. 

Moreover, the condition can be classified into two stages. In lifelong or primary PE, men go through the condition constantly. It can start during their first sexual experience. And with acquired or secondary PE, men develop it over time. 

As mentioned, PE can also happen infrequently. Some men can experience similar symptoms, but those symptoms don’t match the criteria for the medical condition. This is known as a natural variable PE. It can manifest itself through phases of uncontrollable to controllable ejaculation. 

If you’re struggling with early ejaculation, it’s advisable to see a specialist. Doctors will be able to diagnose your condition. They can determine whether or not you’re experiencing genuine PE symptoms or natural variable PE. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges of this condition is that men feel too uncomfortable to discuss it with experts or their partners. Still, it’s encouraging to know that infrequent PE is normal. Even with serious cases of PE, it may be possible to find treatment. 

The Symptoms and Causes

When it comes to causes of premature ejaculation, keep in mind that the average time for male ejaculation is around 5 minutes. With PE, men tend to blow it all within 60 seconds of sexual intercourse or other activities. That includes foreplay, oral sex, and masturbation. Of course, it’s possible to climax within 60 seconds at any time, especially after a period of prolonged sexual inactivity. 

But, with this medical condition, men are not able to control or prolong ejaculation at all. They get overwhelmed with feelings of not being in control, and they orgasm without any sign or indication. That can have numerous consequences on their mental health and relationships. That includes depression, stress, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy. 

And speaking of causes, the condition is mainly influenced by biological and psychological factors. When it comes to the latter, sexual medicine experts believe that the main culprits are anxiety, depression, and fear of rejection. Others include an expectation of failure, low self-confidence, and relationship issues. Damaging sexual encounters from childhood or even religious beliefs are also frequent causes. Moreover, other factors, like erectile dysfunction, can also contribute. And in some cases, men can simply get used to patterns of rapid ejaculation and fall into a repeating cycle. 

With PE, guys could also judge their performance in bed. They could even face rejection from their partner. 

The Edging Techniques That Can Help 

For the most part, you can treat PE with natural remedies, therapy, and medications. Speaking of natural remedies, edging is one of the most recommended sexual techniques.

Edging can also improve performance for men with regular ejaculation patterns too. It’s actually a simple exercise that requires men to masturbate, meaning that you truly have nothing to lose. But, the goal is to stop right before you reach the so-called “point of no return.”  This technique is also known as the start-stop stimulation technique. You can also learn how to use edging techniques with a partner. 

And while it’s a simple exercise, it can be intimidating or even frustrating at first. The method requires a lot of self-control. It can help you exercise mental control. But, it can also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. That way, it results in better orgasm control. 

Edging allows you to delay ejaculation by recognizing the excitement and plateau stages. The method can help you pinpoint the exact moment when your sexual arousal becomes too overwhelming, and ejaculation turns into an inevitability. If you know to predict and anticipate this point, you could avoid ejaculation altogether. 

And, if you learn how to use edging in masturbation, it can even lead to stronger and more intense orgasms. In fact, the method is even considered a type of sex play. Tons of men enjoy the sensation of getting closer to the edge only to back off and prolong their sexual stimulation. Additionally, women can also try this technique to strengthen their orgasms and improve their sex life.  

How Men Can Learn Edging

It’s important to stress that the technique will be different for every guy. But every man can learn how to do it. Everyone has unique bodily sensations and signs, though. So, it’s up to you to understand your own responses. But, if you attempt edging without any pointers, the situation could get messy. 

Therefore, the first step is to determine a time limit. You can use a timer (5, 10, 15 minutes, etc.). Then, start edging and try mild masturbation that isn’t too aggressive. The goal is not to ejaculate before the timer starts buzzing. If you take it slowly, you’ll be able to gradually monitor your response. If you notice any signs of an upcoming orgasm, just stop. It may be helpful to let go of your penis altogether and wait for a few moments. And while you’re holding off from stimulation, it’s advisable to take deep breaths and shift your focus to remain calm. 

The next step is to continue masturbating. Simply repeat the process as much as you can (3–5 times) until the timer runs out, or you allow yourself to orgasm. We recommend trying this technique on your own at first before attempting it with your partner. That way, you will have better control over your ejaculation.

Consult Your Doctor

Like we’ve said, if you experience any PE symptoms, it’s recommended to visit a doctor for advice on diagnosis or treatment. Your symptoms may not match the exact symptoms for PE, and your premature ejaculation could be a temporary problem. 

If you do not suffer from other medical issues, you will not need to complete a specific lab test. After a general checkup, you may be sent to a urologist. But, if men also exhibit symptoms of impotence, doctors might check their testosterone and prolactin levels. Moreover, if they have any mental health issues, doctors will run some lab studies to test for the specific problem. Also, it’s helpful to visit a psychiatrist or psychologist. 

Some doctors could prescribe medication together with several behavioral exercises, including edging. The method has no side effects and is completely healthy. Another effective remedy is the stop-squeeze technique. This exercise is similar to edging but requires you to squeeze the penis head tightly for a few moments when you reach orgasm. It applies pressure to the penis and may help prolong ejaculation. Another technique that doctors could advise is regular kegel exercises. They can strengthen your internal muscles and give you stronger control over your climaxes. 


As you’ve seen, edging is a helpful technique that will prolong your ejaculation and increase your pleasure. With persistence and time, you will see positive results, and you truly have nothing to lose by trying it. So start edging today and have fun!