Achieve a More Intense Orgasm Through Edging

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In order to spice their sex lives up, people all over the world are searching for new ways of satisfaction. Reaching an orgasm is easy, but how does one make it epic every time they have a sexual encounter? Well, preferences differ; hence, there are many ways a kinky couple can up their sexual game. The only thing we can say for sure is that this method is one of the ways to achieve an unbelievable orgasm.

Some argue that edging is a form of dominance and submission fetish, but it doesn’t have to be just that. Sure, D/S stuff is great, and we love it, but not every couple that tries edge play is into femdom and masochism per se. Some people are into it because it’s a great way of prolonging your intimate play. Edging is more than teasing and denying ejaculation — it’s a game-changer.

So let’s delve deeper into the world of edge play and explore what this technique has to offer to its participants. It sure as hell won’t be boring — we promise!

What Is Edging?

Seen as a way to deny orgasm, this method is a sexual practice meant to prolong intercourse. Some people describe it as a way of training the male not to come early and experience premature ejaculation. Many kinky couples practice edging. It’s a way of showing female supremacy over a submissive male.

Depending on where you come from, edge play has a different meaning, but it mostly works the same. Kinky couples who love chastity play and cock cages usually go for it, engaging in the form of sexual intercourse similar to teasing. The point is to constantly stimulate the penis, leading the male’s body to believe it’s going to ejaculate, but then cut the stimulation off just before the volcano “erupts.”

Doing this over and over again will eventually lead to a more intense climax. It’s like constantly provoking someone but never reaching the point of no return. BDSM couples love doing this, but more often than not they end the game without the final payoff. It’s a kinky way of denying the sub pleasure, and that’s exactly what they want.

Who Can Enjoy and Benefit From It?

As we’ve said, it’s a technique used by all kinds of kinky and adventurous couples out there. Since it has a rather positive effect on the male orgasm, it’s not strange to hear about all sorts of people indulging in it.

Premature ejaculation is one heck of a problem a large portion of guys experience at least once during their lifetime. With their body not used to so much excitement, the breaks loosen, and they blow their load early. However, this can happen even to the most seasoned lovers — it’s not just about young studs. So to hold off their premature sexual release, guys tend to practice edging while masturbating.

On the other hand, some people who practice edging don’t do it because they fear they’ll blow their load early. They want to stall the orgasm as much as they can, sometimes going the whole way without ejaculating. The dom-sub relationship is pretty complex for us to explain now, but the whole point is that the dominant partner loves to prevent their sub from achieving a climax on purpose.

How to Do It

Like all things in life, practice is key. The same goes for edging and building your ejaculation stamina. Sometimes, it takes years to master this technique, but in the end — it pays off big time. It’s essential to start alone, masturbating by yourself and looking for certain cues in the way you feel to understand when “the explosion” is going to happen.

Firstly, begin by slowly touching your penis, just like you do it when you normally jerk off. Start easy and gradually increase the intensity and speed of stroking. Stay concentrated on the way you feel and look for the big thing emerging from around the corner. At the first sign that you’re about to reach climax, stop and relax for a few minutes.

You can do it with your eyes open or shut — whatever you prefer. What’s important is knowing when changes in your body are happening. Since we’re all different, it’s important to understand the way you function. It’s vital that you stop the stimulation on time, and gradually, you can start teasing yourself further and further.

It’s more complicated when there are two people involved. Chastity belt or not, delaying orgasm for someone else is rather different from edging yourself. For starters, it’s vital that you communicate. Your edging subject must tell you openly how close he is to reaching climax, leaving you time to stop sexual stimulation.

After a while, you’ll start to notice certain signs your partner’s showing while getting sexually pleasured. Different actions will lead you to fully understanding how close he is to shooting his load. This way, you’ll master your edging technique, and the two of you will start experiencing the full benefits of orgasm denial.

Orgasm Control

Dominance and submission relations are pretty complex, and claiming they’re just this or that would be immature. Thus, we’d like to give you a closer look at how they actually work in real life. Bear in mind that these things differ from couple to couple. Fetishes are never black and white.

Most people who enjoy this kink love to take control over someone or be under control. Submission is a way of surrendering your sexual being to another person and letting them decide when or what kind of sexual satisfaction you’re going to get. The same goes for edging — the dome says when or if her sub will reach an orgasm.

Additionally, with the use of chastity cages and other restricting sex toys, the two partners can take the edging game to a whole other level. With his penis locked in a steel cage, the man won’t even be able to have a proper erection, let alone blow his load. The keyholder (the dom) will decide if he’s worthy of any satisfaction at all.

Don’t Hesitate to Try It

Edging may be just what you needed in your sex life right now. Try it out and see if this kind of endurance training can be fun for you.