The Benefits of Orgasm Control

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Many people practice orgasm control to improve their sex lives and have more fun in bed. So what are the benefits of orgasm control, and how can you use techniques like edging to improve your sexual health? Is edging the best way to reach harder, longer, and more intense orgasms? Here’s our breakdown of the benefits of orgasm control!

What Is Edging? 

When it comes to edging, it’s one of several natural methods that can allow you to increase your performance in bed. Firstly, edging is a highly stimulating technique that includes a high degree of teasing for men and women. That’s why some have even turned it into a form of sexual play.

In a nutshell, edging requires you to masturbate (solo or with a partner). However, the trick is to train yourself to recognize your arousal stages. That’s why the method is also called “stop and start.” You can start to masturbate and simply stop all stimulation just before the point of no return. That is, you need to get close to orgasm and then stop.

Then, you can repeat the same thing a number of times and delay orgasm for a certain amount of time until you’re ready to fully explode. This sexual activity not only allows you to understand your climaxes, but it also helps you to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Moreover, the method is nearly identical for men and women. Yet, men will likely need more training in order to prolong their orgasm for long periods of time. Ultimately, the result is a stronger and much more powerful orgasm for women and men. You can also practice this method of orgasm control during sexual encounters. What’s more, edging is incredibly useful for men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Achieve Orgasm Easier


One of the best benefits of orgasm control is that it simply allows you to last longer in bed. Men can practice it to improve their stamina and decrease the sensitivity of their responses to sexual stimulation. They can learn how to control their penises without reaching orgasm before their partners.

Also, it’s a recommended technique for heterosexual relationships. It’s helpful for women who take a long time to reach the climax. In this case, you can use edging throughout the day to train for your sexual experience in the evening. That way, women can achieve orgasm much more easily, while men will prolong their own climax.

In fact, one study has found that women are more likely to achieve faster and stronger orgasms if they practice regular masturbation. If you train yourself to become a true pro at edging, you can even incorporate sex toys like vibrators for even more pleasure.

As mentioned, orgasm control exercises bring you closer to understanding your arousal stages, i.e., excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. But the benefits of edging are not only focused on the finish line. Aside from easier orgasms, this method can raise your sexual confidence.

Body and Sexual Awareness

Edging and other methods of orgasm control (e.g., stop-squeeze) can bring you closer to your body. So with a little self-control and some edging practice, you can get to know your limits, sexual responses, and sensations that you feel right before you cum. That way, the method can raise your sexual awareness and your confidence.

Also, if you practice edging with a partner, you’ll be able to understand their pleasure cycle and their orgasms much better. If you try out some edging games in bed, you can also boost communication with your partner. This could eliminate awkward moments, increase your focus, and even make sex much dirtier.

Of course, edging doesn’t mean you only have to focus on your genitals. You can also stimulate your breasts, testicles, anus, and various other erogenous zones.

More Sexy Time!

In the end, edging leads to increased time in the sack. This is crucial for men since they only have one shot at it at a time. If guys practice it with dedication, there’s a chance that they can learn to fully control their orgasms. That way, sex could last for hours!

That’s the reason why it is helpful for those who experience premature ejaculation or even erectile dysfunction. It’s a method that’s usually recommended by sex therapists first during checkups. A lot of men who are troubled with premature ejaculation can use the technique to extend their arousal time and hopefully, last more than 60 seconds. Even men who have an average orgasm time (five minutes) can reap the full benefits of edging.

For women, the method can still build up a lot of sexual tension and increase blood pressure. That can lead to increased wetness or natural lubrication. The result is a heightened sense of sexual arousal. It can make penetrative sex much more pleasurable and facilitate multiple orgasms.

Improve Orgasm Quality


For men, edging can also result in harder erections and an increase in ejaculate volume. The reason for this is that the prostate will generate more fluid. While it won’t increase your sperm count, it will boost the amount of “filler” fluid. This will increase orgasm quality greatly.

Additionally, since the technique affects psychological and physical arousal, guys will feel stronger contractions during orgasm. They will propel the ejaculate much faster and further.

For women, it will also cause powerful contractions that will contribute to a whole-body orgasm. But if practiced with a partner, penetration will feel much stronger due to heightened sexual energy and tighter pelvic floor muscles.

Are There Bad Effects?

Recurring myths about edging along with various orgasm denial techniques should truly be put to rest. Many doctors and specialists have debunked them. Some of them state that edging can end in blue balls. However, it can only happen with decreased blood flow and not through edging.

Another myth states that the method causes erectile dysfunction. However, there is no evidence that proves it. Erectile dysfunction is actually the result of medical conditions, emotional and psychological problems, etc. Also, doctors have found that it isn’t linked to retrograde ejaculation. Yet, one of the things that it can cause is delayed ejaculation. However, that will most likely occur due to emotional issues.

Additionally, some argue that it can lead to ruined female orgasms. This is not entirely untrue, but it can only occur with disregard for the proper edging methods.


Overall, edging is a completely safe technique with little to no side effects. It offers multiple benefits, and it can transform your sex life and your body image as well as self-confidence and your connection to your partner. So try it out today, and you definitely won’t regret it!